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London Escort Medeea Review 1 (of Total 1) by Hawke

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Looks10 out of 10Medeea Bayswater W2£150 Bust size: 34DD
Performance10 out of 10
Reviever's NameHawke
London escort girl's name Medeea
Date / Time 18 Aug 2018 / 21:00 / Duration: 2hrs
Appearance / typeShe's wonderful, charming, stunning, so beautiful and lovely. I want her for myself lol
ExperienceEnjoyable, Fun, Relaxed and Happy
ReceptionistsMany thanks to Michelle at Supreme69. Booking process was smooth, no drama. Michelle had provided correct location details & was quick to reply. She made the arrangements promptly also checked up on me afterwards too. Thank you Michelle in making a super evening for me.
Location: Great, easy to reach by London transport. There is parking available and detailed instructions given by Michelle at Supreme.Room: A good sized, clean, tidy, nice smelling room with clean sheets with ambient lighting. Shower: Clean, maintained with a good selection of showergels / bodywashes to choose from. Towel: Clean provided which was dry and large.Experience: There are many gorgeous, beautiful, curvy i.e. big boob, slim waist and big booty options that Supreme69 has however Medeea was the one for me.Medeea dressed as requested & Whooooweeeee!!!! Her pictures are very real and accurate (probably only less than 5% actually look true and better than their pictures) however she is even more beautiful, naturally stunning and delightfully gorgeous in person.When the door opened, I was totally so happy and excited to be with this lovely. She dressed as requested & I was so impressed with Medeea as the evening went on.I had arrived 10mins late due to underground tube line problems but Medeea was very understanding. She knew how to calm me down, get me talking and focused on her.Experience was top and she is a rare beauty to behold. Medeea has a lovely, calm, positive energy about her. She has a lovely soothing accent with a sweet voice but she very saucy too. Her figure is amazing and absolutely faultless. She does have a couple of tattoo's but they are subtle i.e. small and meaningful. She's super confident, her humour, wit and English are of high standard. She's classy, teases control and has a good taste in music too.Medeea is amazingly stunning in person - She's a rare beauty - everything just perfect - mentally, physically, sexually. What's more likeable is her attitude, depth of life experiences including her conversation skills and interest. She's a rather cool, conscious, happy beauty who you want to spend time with. I'm just happy she liked my company and would gladly see me again.To be honest - She wasn't my desired choice as I had compared and scrutinised her service offerings against the other options I was considering. I'm not normally like that as a lady can offer more than another option, but in the end of the day - it's up to her... It's also dependent on what can be achieved in a set time frame and how the beauty is during your time.A true beauty with lovely soft skin, warm hands with no unpleasant signs from her. We both traded nice comments to each other and she really tries to fulfill everything she can for you. Note: At her choice and discretion!Although I have a rule that I don't see the same lovely twice, I'll have to indulge in her presence again. She's like a Siren i.e. "a seductively beautiful or charming woman, especially one who beguiles men" however, nothing deceptive or negative about her... Go see for yourself.