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You have arrived at our Asian escorts gallery because you are hoping to find some sexy London escorts who have that dark and sultry look which is so well associated with Asian escort girls. It is probably the long dark glossy hair and eyes like deep mysterious pools framed with long thick lashes which you find so attractive and who can blame you? The London Asian escorts have become so popular of late that there are London escort agencies which have sprung up which deal ONLY with Asian escorts in order to fulfil the high demand.

The types of gentlemen who seek private intimacy with an Asian escort in London are as varied as the girls themselves. Some gentlemen are visiting London from Asian countries and prefer to get intimate with a woman from their own culture whilst other gentlemen are intrigued by the fact that some asian girls have chosen to be escorts and want to know if they are as restrained as their culture suggests that they should be (let me tell you they are not!) whilst others simply prefer a girl to have a wonderful caramel like skin and dark looks and so the look of the asian escort is the thing that draws this type of client to her.

Dispelling the myths that state that Asian escorts in London are reserved and not outgoing, this is simply not the case. Most Asian escorts in London are actually Anglo-asian in that they were born in the UK and have grown up with Western values however they still respect their heritage and, we believe, offer the perfect match between being extremely respectful and attentive to also becoming extremely naughty and open minded in order to fulfil the needs of their companion.

All of the asian escorts we have known have all been exquisitely beautiful and have had fantastic figures. In some mens eyes, the fact that most Asian girls have to cover up so much and in some cases cannot even meet a mans gaze makes the London asian escorts so much more attractive. A little bit like experiencing something that really we should not. It is the feeling of being very naughty and some of the London asian escorts can be very naughty indeed!

London Asian escorts is an all encompassing term used to describe escorts from various different countries in the Asian Continent. Pakistani escorts, Indian escorts and Bangladeshi escorts are all different types of Asian escorts in London. Some escort agencies are now realising that gentlemen are actually looking for specific types of escorts and so are tensing to state whether an Asian escorts is a Pakistani London escort or a Bangladeshi London escort or a London Indian escort. This is really so that the gentleman who is making the search does not have to spend too long searching for his ideal Asian escort in London.

At Supreme69 London escort agency we are not often blessed with many asian London escorts however we do try to advise gentlemen clients where necessary. If you are specifically looking for an Asian escort in London and do not see any girls o this type within our asian escorts gallery then, for the moment, we have not been able to find London asian escorts who meet our high expectations. As you know, we aim to ensure that all our London escorts are always of the highest quality and we will not lower our expectations in order to fill a gallery full of girls who are not up to par. We do however constantly seek suitable London asian escorts for our galleries as we know that our clients enjoy their company so if you are a London asian escort of the highest calibre and would like to join our elite escort agency then do feel free to submit your details and we will arrange an interview.

As a gentleman seeking the intimate company of a dark, sexy and sultry London escort if you cannot find the london asian escort of your dreams within our London asian escorts gallery then please feel free to view all our other London escorts who are just as attentive and sexy and who are waiting to meet with you.