Unexpected escort pleasure


I have been a London escort since I was 19 years old. I have a multitude of rich clients ranging from university lecturers, doctors, lawyers, judges and even politicians. In fact, my escapades have even included blow jobs for a church minister in the confines of the confession box! Yes, the confession box! This may sound insane but I love my job and I will go to any limits just to ensure my gentleman companion is satisfied.
One day, I had been waiting for a friend in the bar of a London hotel but just received a text that she could not make it when I noticed a man in his late 40's sitting at a corner, sipping his drink all alone. When he saw me he signalled that I should join him, which I did – well my evening had suddenly become quite empty and the couple of drinks I had had whilst waiting at the bar had made me rather horny.. The man was also hungry for sex, I could tell just by his body language and after some naughty banter between us I discovered that he wanted to have me for the whole night at his home. I gathered from him that he was an accountant at a local bank. The guy made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and he was so sexy there was no way I was to turn the offer down. After sipping our last drinks we exited the bar and headed for his plush London apartment where he lived not far away.
As soon as we entered his apartment he grabbed me and laid me slowly on the couch. What followed was an immense caress session that left me so highly charged, it was electric!. He was an experienced lover.  He took off my blouse and unfastened the bra to reveal my boobs. He let out a wicked smile and I knew he liked what he saw. “They are gorgeous”!he murmured. He then kissed and caressed the tip of my tits, which left me ecstatic. As I expertly unbuttoned his shirt he unbuttoned my skirt and pushed it down my legs. His middle finger slowly raised the edge of the thong I was wearing and found its way to my pussy. He probed and stroked my vagina at a regular interval as his chest rested perfectly on my breasts and aroused a strong, sensual feeling of pure ecstasy. My pussy was already getting wet.
I moved to unbutton his trouser reaching out for his long, thick rod. My boobs were now swollen and the tits were pointed like the sharp edge of a knife. His mouth moved slowly down the body to my vagina and his tongue found its way inside my wet pussy. All this time I was stroking his 8 inch shaft greedily. As his tongue probed inside my pussy and touched my clit, I could hold no longer. I wanted his big piece inside my pussy! I could tell he too could hold no longer so I held his hard cock and directed it towards my now completely wet pussy. Slowly, he pushed his cock up into me until it filled me completely. As his shaft went further in, he thrust on my body stronger, in and out. I let out screams of delight as the base of his cock brushed my clit. As he pushed harder I groaned and began to come. I kept coming for some time, I couldn’t stop, waves of pleasure kept washing over me each time he so much as touched my clit. It wasn't long before he too released his cum deep inside me.
All in all it had turned out to be an exciting evening and much better than the drinks with my friend I had originally planned!