Fun On The A-Level

Last night I lived out one of my A-Level London Escort fantasies. I met my client at his prestigious offices in the city. He was alone and working late. I found myself getting really turned on just thinking about it. I think my panties were soaking wet by the time the night guard directed me to his plush office and when my smart suited client opened his door I whispered to him that I couldn’t wait to have him inside of me.

He carefully closed the door to his office and pulled the blinds. It was dark, but from the light in the hallway and the lights outside, it was bright enough for us to see each other.
We started kissing and he pinned me against a cupboard. It definitely wasn’t stable or solid enough for any physical activity. Instead, I ended up leaning against his large leather topped desk. I felt so naughty, thinking about all of the people that would be in this office tomorrow.
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We kissed. It was one hundred percent lust. He unzipped my top and discovered I was just wearing a bra. It was a bra with the hook in the front and he smiled as he undid the hook, releasing my boobs. This outfit was definitely chosen specifically for this mission.
e was rock hard within a matter of seconds. I was very ready to go. I took off my tiny panties, then pulled my skirt up around my waist. My bare pussy was waiting for him and his rock hard cock. He undid his belt, unbutton his pinstriped trousers, then unzipped them. His rock hard cock was creating a tent in his boxers. Soon, his trousers and boxers were around his ankles, his cock pointing at me.
I sat on the edge of the large desk and pulled him to me. He was very firm and soon was pushing inside of me. He went slow at first, but quickly built up rhythm until he was fucking me hard. There was no taking our time and enjoying every moment this time. It was a quickie and I wanted him to cum as soon as possible.

Of course, when I finally do want a guy to cum quickly, he seems to last forever. So long that he took a couple of breaks because of the weird angle made his legs tired.
I ended up bent over the desk, getting fucked from behind. I smelt the leather and pushed his papers aside as he fucked me hard, but was nowhere near cuming yet. I begged for him to cum. I told him to cum deep inside of my pussy. But my words weren’t enough until I told him to fuck my arse. A second later, he pulls out of my wet pussy and is pushing his hard cock into my tight arse.

Many girls have never quite understood why you boys are fascinated with A-Level but I’m not like many girls and even the word ‘A-Level’ sounds sexy to me.  I may be a tiny girl, but I love the way a huge dick feels, stretching my arse wide and this guy knew what to do grabbing my hips, pulling me back onto him.

In this position he lasted maybe a minute or two longer, before he pushed deep inside of me one last time. As he did so he exploded inside of my arse like a cracker, filling it with his cum. It was intense, but we didn’t wait around and savour the moment. We quickly got dressed and prepared to make our escape. We quietly opened the door and when we saw that no one was around, we walked smartly out and did our best to pretend that nothing had happened.

We both smiled at the guard making his rounds and to this day I’m not sure if he knew what we did but what made me really laugh was the elevator sign which told us that we had been on the A-Level.



The events, characters and firms depicted in these stories are fictitious, any similarity to persons, living or dead, or to actual events or firms is purely coincidental.